Journey with Quran

Journey with Quran

Everyone in this life is searching for some truth, some meaning in life .In the same way ,with the ups and downs of life, I was always looking for ultimate peace , looking for the real meanings in life, the true happiness, the  stolen tranquillity, the search engine for the soul. Finally, it was on 2005 when I first heard the lecture of the Lady which has a brief explanation from Quran. At that instance, I felt a new life, a breeze of fresh air, a rejuvenating sole, a  new beginning, a new thrill in my life. It was some excerpts from Quran but the way it was explained and word to word meaning and then penetrating into its roots were enough to touch the strings of my heart. From that time, I decided to study the QURAN in that particular way and till today I found my self  immersed in this fruitful journey. The lesson I learn everyday and the power I gain through each and every half of the Divine book is exceptional and educational.  Minds go insane while reading and contemplating this Great book. This is indeed a treasure undiscovered, a mystical mirror, and ocean with immense and immeasurable depth.

It is a multipurpose book. It gives you guidance, courage, power , and solution to all the pains and problems of  life. One ayat sometimes holds you among the strongest tides of unusual circumstances.One word is sometimes enough for you to lean on and immerse yourself in the everlasting  journey of discoveries and divulgence.

It is a true book of imaginations and inspiration. In my blog, I’ll try my best to take you to this unique journey. The jewels Allah has hidden in this book, the path which needs to be revealed , the  depth which needs to be explored will all be the part of my journey through Quran. I’ ll try to share with you all and would like to welcome all who wants to travel through the same path.

May Allah guide us All. Ameen


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