The powerful message


The powerful Message

      Yesterday i was reading Quran, and in Surah Zukhruf, one thing stuck to my mind, I knew it before but after reading those verses when jinn listened to Quran,the magnamity of this book engraved in my heart. It was when Prophet Muhammad was coming back from Ta ‘if, jinn listened to the recitation of Quran and they went to their tribe and right away they warn them. It made me think that what magical, mystical power those words have that they listened only once and the impact of kalamullah was wide-spread.

This made me realize that Quran’s words did shake the jinns and their kingdom and they didn’t hesitate to do Dawa  to their world. So why we as human being fully aware of the power and prestige of this book shy away from spreading the words. Why we don’t get the courage at the first time . Why we don’t stand up  even to share one ayah to our kin and friends.

This was the same Quran whose words mesmerize Abu Lahab, Abu Sufyaan and Abu Jahal. They use to listen to it secretly and don’t want to admit openly  the beauty and magnetism of the Book. In  deep down,they were fully aware that they  are moved by the divine words. They are speechless with this mind blowing miracle. We are truly blessed what we have in our hands and we are oblivious to the fact. We are so ignorant of the fact that thisis the book which impacted the jinn the first time ,  which attracted the  worst enemies of Islam. This book  has some lifelong lessons which can enlighten the whole world.

jinn bhi naa sharmai jis pegam ko sunananay

jaanay kiyon insaan hi sharmai is paigaam ko phelanay

woh pheli baar hi sun kar lagay auroon ko batanay

aur hum har baar hi banatay rahay apnay bahanay.

yeh to hai is kalaam kay unmol khazanay

jo paa lay us ko wohi apnay rab ko pehchaanay.


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