Surah Qamar

Surah Qamar is a master piece along with all the other Surahs. The uplifting verse is repeated in the Surah  several times to stress the importance of this message. This verse is the core of the Surah.

وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا الْقُرْآَنَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِنْ مُدَّكِرٍ ﴿58:17
(54:17) We have made this Qur’an easy as a reminder. Is there, then, any who will take heed?
    In this Surah the warning is given that day of judgement is near . It captures the moments of day of judgement and its intensities.The Surah starts with heart trembling warning of the doom’s day.

  The Hour has come near, and the moon has split [in two].

After the contniuos opposition of idolators and disbelievers the miracle of splitting the moon was shown, yet it was again marked as an act of magic and mocked.

  They say, `the sign that we saw was magic,which was cast on us.

The Quraysh said that the cleaving of the moon was false and will soon diminish and fade away.

 And if they see a miracle, they turn away and say, “Passing magic.

As we know the incidence of splittng the moon took place after Quraishs’ constant demand of miracles. However, after witnessing the breath taking miracle the Quraish didn’t  believe it and called it “Mustamir”. Mustamir means ” will soon go away”according to Qatadah and several others

 The Quraysh said that the cleaving of the moon was false and will soon diminish and fade away. Why do they say so. The next ayat immediately reveals the cause.

Sahih International: And they denied and followed their inclinations. But for every matter is a [time of] settlement.

The word ” hawa ”  is very comprehensive . Hawa means ‘desire’ the literal meaninng is to fall down from top to bottom  . so when we follow our desires we fall from higher status  into the lower levels:  levels  of self deception and self fulfillment. That’s what happened with disbelievers. According to the commentary in Ibn e Kathir, they denied and followed their own lusts. They rejected the truth when it came to them, following the ignorance and foolishness that their lusts and desires called them to.

After that, another verse has a the word khusha’un. This word also intensifies the effectiveness of  the Surah.

Chapter (54) sūrat l-qamar (The Moon)

Sahih International: Their eyes humbled, they will emerge from the graves as if they were locusts spreading,

Their eyes humbled . If we look in to this word ‘ khasshiun’ it means the fear will be apparent from our skin and body. That’s how we’ll be raised from our graves . Morover the verse states that we ‘ll be emerged as locust spreading. How terrifying the scene will be.  We just have to visualize what our state will be .Why Allah compares human beings with locusts, what is the wisdom behind it. Truly interesting research came across while reflecting upon the wisdom behind the example of ‘Locust ‘. Locust shows according to soon-to-be-published research in Physical Review E:

           ocasionally, however, enough locusts move in a different direction  that the group suddenly switches direction as a whole. A team of mathematicians and biologists studying locusts described the shift mathematically and found that it looked a lot like the way magnetic charges tend to move. Freely-moving magnetic charges tend to line up in the same direction. But every so often, enough charges will randomly flip around and push the whole bunch to make the switch. The same thing appears to happen with locusts.


 Therefore,the hikmah behind the example of locust might be their sudden change of direction.When you change sudden direction it means you are in a chaos and you are not sure what to do and where to go. It makes more sense as the next verse further explains this movement.

Racing ahead toward the Caller. The disbelievers will say, “This is a difficult Day.”

Now,the word muhti’eena is from root word  ‘  ه ط ع’ the deeper meaning is out of humility and abasement people will not dare to look up . They will be ashamed and bashful , following the caller with a disgrace .What a shameful attitude it will be!! indeed the disbelievers will say, “This is a difficult Day.”

yet we are so relaxed and relieved  as this life is the ultimate life and the big day which is near as the first ayah mentions “the hour has come near” doesn’t even move us an inch.

After describing the scenes of day of judgemnet, the gear is shifted towards the condition of most powerful and resourceful nations , their evil deeds and their consequences are highlighted. Five nations are described people of Nuh, Aad, Thamud, Lut and then Firawn.after describing  their stories this surah repeats the same verse


Sahih International: And how [severe] were My punishment and warning.

These stories are not to fill up the pages of Quran but to teach us real lesson so we can reflect. And the lesson will only be learned if we make Quran this book our reminder for our soul . Only if we breath and sleep through it. Because of that reason, right after this verse Allah is asking the humankind


   And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?

The answer to all the questions , the remedy to aviod the consequences suffered by previous nations, to avoid terrible punishment is to pay heed to the warnings  and take advise from Quran. While explaining this verse, Mufti Muhammad Shafi in Ma’ariful Quran writes:

“This verse is repeated to advise the Muslims and infidels in general( and indeed we have made the Quran easy for seeking advise. So, is there one to seek advice?this is to indicate that the only way to avoid the terrible chastisement is to take to the advice of the Quran. Allah has made the Quran easy to the extent of paying heed to the adomination and warnings. Only the most ill-fated person will not take the advantage of the warnings. “

This verse seems to be the fundamentals  of the whole Surah. Its repitition forces oneself to answer the call of your Lord . It is an open call for everyone whether muslim or non-muslim, young or old, rich or poor, black or white. So is there anyone to seek advice? your creator, sustainer, planner, owner is asking you : are you there to seek advice? This Quran, this dhikr is at your hands , the Book is wide open with its precious gems scattered everywhere, the warnings and punishment have been revealed to you, the end has been portraited and clarified to you and this Zikr, this remembrance has been made easy for you to understand. What else is required?What more is needed?What are you waiting for? everything is laid out, the one and only thing which is needed is:

فهل من مّدكّر

Is  there anyone to seek advice?

The contemplation of this verse is endless  and extensive, immense and intensive. In addition to that,if we again go to the root word of yasarna it comes from ” ي س ر”  . The word ‘yassarna’ means to be ready with all aspects. It is the same as when the horse is saddled up for its rider. Similarly, Quran has been ready for the smooth ride of reminder and remembrance, rules and regulations. Every nich and nook of this book has been doctered and drafted for us.

فهل من مّدكّر

So is there any one to seek advise?

After the warnings and heart trembling verses, end is a glad tiding

Sahih International: Indeed, the righteous will be among gardens and rivers.

In a seat of honor near a Sovereign, Perfect in Ability.

Finally, people of taqwa, righteouosness and the people who took the advise from this Book who really took as a reminder for their day to day matters will dwell in the Gardens and thats not it. They will be seated near the Most Powerful, Omnipotent King Allah Subhana tallah.  The reward is the seat of honor, company of the Lord Rab ul Alimeen(Subhanallah), but the price is Taqwa and Sidq honesty  and it can only be attained thruough this Zikr ‘Quran’ . As Allah mention in the begining of Surah Baqarah:

Sahih International: This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah .

The final picture is,

Paradise———–people of taqwa———- people of  Quran———–seeker of Advise.

hum nay to kar diya aasan us kitab ko

ab jo chahay badal lay apnay aap ko us kitab say

janay kon nasihaat lay aur falah phunchai apnay aap ko

har guzri qom ka hai zikr hor sarkash kaa hai anjaam us may

nassehat, balaagat, imaamat,sadaqat,roohaniyat kaa hai paigaam us may

us din kaa  hai zikr jis din hogi har aik ki

ankhay  jhuki hui aur  jism  larza hua

jis simt hoga logo ka hajoom usi simt hoga humara wajjud

kabro say bhi nikal rahay hongay madhosh mitti hoga saara wajjud

kah uthay gaa insaan yeh kaisa din hai yeh sab kiya hua

kahay gaa tera Rab tha yeh sab kuch is Kitaab may likha hua

naa  lee tu nay koi naseehat naa hi tujh say kuch amal hua

ab sab fana hua teray amaal kaa waqt ab khatam hua

Agar thaa to muttaqi, is Kitab ka matwali to sab tera hua

woh izzat woh rutba  woh  alaa  muqaam  sab tera hua

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