Takmeel e Quran

 It is November 20th 2011, journey of Quran came to end. well it is not an ultimate end but atleast one phase of going through it is accompolished. It seems like yesterday when I joined this class and started learning Quran word by word. The experience is so spritual and phenominal that words can not depict what the heart has witnessed and felt . Truly the book of Allah has wonders and magnetic charisma which pulls you towards it. It is a deep deep study where one can immerse and never come out feeling being finished. You want to go deeper and deeper as on the surface you can’t find many but when you go deep down the sea, wonders are many.

Similarly, I found this journey to be the most profound and unique in all the ways specaially the last juzz has surahs which have totally differnet impact on you and it is only possible to experience when you reach there. You can not have the same feeling if you read that juzz without being through the journey of all 29 juzz . After every 10 juzz the feelings were different. After 20th juzz , heart starts trembling some more but then on 30th juzz, the feelings were very intense as it was obvious how Quran in wrapping up its message.

Going through this whole proceess was not easy for me. There were numerous times when I felt the message has been slipping through my hands, all doors are being shut one by one, all my ways of guidance has been diluted but then soon any of the Quranic verses and lectures from our teacher Farhat Hashmi lifted me up. Indeed as she mentioned in the last juzz that it was Allah’s blessings and truly His mercy that I could have blessed with that gift. Now I believe it with my full heart and certainity that it was Allah’s help and favor on me to make me steadfast on this path . Every ayat, every word has incredible amount of depth and life long lessons in it. It is the food that every soul needs to taste. It was the daily doze which every seeker of knowledge has to take. It is the treasure which is buried but we have to dig it up. It is the speech which has the loudest vioce but we must bring our ear near to it. Thus, this book has given and taught  me many things which I couldn’t be able to learn  with any other book or work.

jitna bhi karoron tera shukar us nimat kay milnay par kam hai

us nimat ko paigaam ko sab ko agay phauchana hai, yehi aik gham hai

koi kamaal insaan nahi kar  sakta yeh Allah hi kaa aik nazrana hai

usi nazr e karam kay shukr may us kalaam ko parhna aur parhana hai


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