The True Happiness


The year 2013 ended with a profound message. Going to ICNA Convention in the end was definitely  a good reminder.The year end message was greatly needed to uplift the weary soul and replenish the Islamic spirit. All the lectures were not only targeted to improve our relationship in the family and in the larger society but were loud and clear to improve at an individual and the community level .But some how I was not shaken to the core with any of the lectures I was hearing for two days. Those lectures were definitely a good reminder but not something I was looking for, some thing I needed to move my soul and to inspire me so much that it is sufficient enough to face the challenges of the upcoming year, until the last lecture of the night was delivered by Omer Suleiman. As soon as he started,  I felt that every word of him was directed towards me. I felt like each of his sentences were like an arrow tearing my heart into pieces. I wanted to write each and every part of the lecture but the way lecture was started, I was so much absorbed with the message and truth in it that my fingers couldn’t bear the pain of my guilty pleasures. The burden of my sins seemed to fall over my fingers as they seems to be frozen. The worth mentioning part was of his speech was about the blind person sitting on the stage who just finished reciting ayahs from the Quran and giggling and chuckling. Everyone was mesmerized with his voice and surprised at the same time how the blind person can memorize Quran. Hence, Omer Suleiman started his speech with the reflection of this blind man saying, “Did you see this blind man he can’t see but he has eyes and we all have eyes and we are blind.” This simple sentence contain so much depth and lesson that I couldn’t think of anything else, the speech was going on further, how happy he is, he can’t see the world but the stage was filled with his laughter and joy. What made him so happy despite his disability, what makes him so content and satisfied which we can’t experience even though we are blessed with all the faculties. Definitely and truly it was the light of Quran he has memorized the Quran which has filled his heart and the whole atmosphere surrounded by him and on the other hand our hearts are filled with filth and worldly things so much that the darkness overcomes all our blessings thus pushing us and everyone around us in the shadows of despair and discontentment.

What a strong message it carried. It made me think really that is real happiness. In today’s world how each one of us is searching for true happiness, real contentment, satisfaction and the true meaning of life but why we are continuously failing, why we can’t grasp the fact  that happiness is something inside us not  hidden in outside material gains. It doesn’t reside in so called degrees, gadgets, name brand clothing, eating, dining and shopping. That blind man who can not see the glittering and shimmering of the world, can’t enjoy the glamour of marketplaces, yet his heart is enlightened with the intense and supreme light ” nur” of the words of the Almighty. Does he need anything else? Does he care for any other glow? no but he was ready to shine the world and every one around him whose hearts were either dead or searching for that true meaning of happiness through all other artificial means.

The speaker carried on the same message that how we lose the true sense of happiness. His words made so much sense when he said, “if you depend on fragile things your life will be fragile.” This is such a short sentence but if we contemplate on it then our soul can withstand the strongest storms. We won’t be shattered and smashed by the attitude and actions of people. Our goals and objectives were not weakened by the ruthless and reckless emotions of others. These fragile means make our outlook fragile, our vision vulnerable, our entire perspective shaky. We can’t depend on these unreliable sources of happiness to provide contentment to our life. In fact, we can only depend on the most dependable and reliable source, the most pure and promising light, the light of His words, the strongest and everlasting ‘Quran’.

And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is in darkness, never to emerge therefrom? Thus it has been made pleasing to the disbelievers that which they were doing.

Omar, Suleiman.(2013, Dec 27).Pursuit of Happiness. Address at the ICNA Convention, Atlanta, Georgia.


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