Visit to the Grave yard


Recently I got the chance to visit the graveyard which had a priceless effect on my soul and my perception. As I was walking through the grave, I noticed  almost all the graves had tombstones in which the names and the date of birth and death of the deceased were ingrained.  After reading the dua of visiting the grave,  while I was walking by  each  grave, one of the writing captured my attention. It says the name of the deceased and beneath it was written,  ‘Ph. D’. When I read this, I couldn’t move any further and series of questions whirling through my mind. I couldn’t process this information. Something inside me was shaken. I was thinking what was the reason behind writing these words, why the loved ones of the deceased wrote this title, was it to impress the viewers?  Was that the wish of the deceased or was that something which gives the deceased and others a sense of achievement or satisfaction?  My mind couldn’t comprehend what good and honor was this degree holding at this very moment. Do you really enjoy your merits at this time?  Was there any worth to this degree if this is not any beneficial for others?  Instantly, my thoughts shifted to the concept of ongoing charity in Islam. My heart couldn’t appreciate the beauty of our religion where nothing seems to end but it is done in the right way and for the right cause.

Most precisely, in our religion like everything has a purpose, knowledge also serves a higher purpose. It doesn’t limited to just titles and degrees and some worldly achievement yet it can only bear fruits if we spent it wisely and for the benefits of mankind. That Ph. D doesn’t mean anything if it is just meant to be written on our grave once we pass away. It can only be blossom if we make our knowledge worthwhile, make it ever lasting by teaching it to others and spending it in the most productive manner. Imagine all those days of hard work, endless efforts and sleepless nights earned us nothing but a mere Title of Ph. D or a doctor or an engineer or a  hafiz or a scholar. Was that the real purpose behind all these struggles?

It is true that in these days we have numerous titles and people full of information and encyclopedias but the stark reality is, there are very few who has taken their information to the next level.There are only handful of people who make their knowledge ever breeding which is the essence of our religion. Ironically, we observe  that a single particle is not wasted in our ecosystem then how come tons and tons of knowledge can stay worthless and meaningless. Since when the very purpose of knowledge can only be to make a fancy name tag once you are bones and brittle.

That leads  to the fact that what legacy  we all are leaving behind whether it is from our wealth, talent or knowledge. As the verses of Surah Yaseen beautifully captures the idea in these words:

Indeed, it is We who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and what they left behind, and all things We have enumerated in a clear register.

Not only that, at the same time I saw many other graves where the  loved ones keep coming and bringing flowers for their beloved resting in peace. Some were watering the graves while tears rolling down their cheeks assuming that this water might give them some sort of peace and coolness under the piles of debris and dust.Some were decorating the grave with bouquet of colorful flowers. But really? Really, it should be the case? The only question  that was lingering my mind was, what this person really needs at this very moment?  Will this clear water and the fragrance of the beautiful roses, colorful tulips and delightful daisies reaches the lifeless body or there is something more eternal, endless and  pure which the soul desires.


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