My Journey to Bayyinah Dream


Well, it is hard to say when did this dream began. I could never imagine myself doing dream and I am doing it and have survived so far. Always thought it will be my dream to do dream program but dreams can come true. I can totally believe that. I remember the first time when I heard Brother Nauman saying in one of his divine speech session that I am making an institute where you  have to breath and sleep through Arabic. Something inside me yearned for that but I thought it will be an unaccomplished goal. After going through some ups and downs and facing through some brutal realities, my life took a new turn and  Allah brought me to the place I can just dream of. Never ever I thought I’ ll be sitting in these red chairs and will be taking classes from one of my favorite scholar Nauman Ali Khan. How did it happen, why it did, Allah knows the best but one thing I learned that don’t afraid to dream . When we are doubting our dreams in fact we are doubting the power of Allah to give. (astaghfirullah). The word ‘Impossible’ seems to be in the dictionary of the creation not the Creator.

By the grace of Allah, I have learned some valuable lessons which I would like to share here. Each day we would go through one Arabic expression which was a great reminder as well as life long learning for me. The purpose is to share the fruits of it so it can  be beneficial for all of us.

 Expressions: Day One 

ومن يتهيّب صعود الجبال يعش ابداالدهربين الحفر

Those who are afraid to climb the mountains will remain in the ditches forever.


This is the first expression we learn in Bayyinah. Truly, it is the most inspiring expression and important footstep to begin the journey. It put you in the right mind-set to start this crucial course. This expression was undoubtedly the most motivational quote for me as it turn on some kind of switch internally which alarms you that you want to keep going. You can’t stop at any point. If you are afraid of climbing then ditches will become your destiny forever. If water stay at a place for a long time, then it will start stinking. If the body doesn’t move, then it become sluggish and deprived.  By fitrah, humans are born to explore, desire to discover, to seek and to search.Once you deviate from your natural disposition then the soul start starving and longing for something it was originally created for.Once this natural disposition is butchered then life become shallow and hollow. Therefore, it is vital that we discover our potential and maximize it rather than staling and starving our energies.So, the take away message is to keep going, keep moving forward and don’t undermine  your inner potential. If you don’t dare to dream then the fear of heights and phobias  will cripple you. To overcome your fears and phobias you must try and trial need courage and courage comes by destroying all false and self-created barriers within one’s self and with the surrounding. Essentially, the key is to keep striving, keep struggling and keep going. Once you overcome the dreads and dilemmas in the way of your destination, then your path will be enlightened and equipped. Once this happens, then the doors of unlimited potential and powers are unlocked which is the desired goal of our existence.



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  1. This is beautiful and I love your insight. Truly we are the ones that put limitations on ourselves. Dream and then chase that dream!!

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